Rev. Dr. David M. Oliver
Living Water Ministries
I have known and worked on many projects with Timothy since 1984. I was his pastor from 1984-1990 and we have had both professional and personal interaction on many occasions since then.

Timothy is a man of vision. He is able to see possibilities and takes the necessary steps to realize goals. Based on personality research, he represents the three percent of the population who are gifted in this manner.

Tim is fearless in the face of obstacles. He recognizes that all creative work involves problems to be addressed and overcome. Tim knows how to offer bold yet nuanced leadership in this regard.

Another asset Tim possesses is the ability to network with others to meet challenges. He enjoys this and is good at it. He is likable and engaging person whose enthusiasm and conviction is contagious.

When Tim believes in something, he gives his all to realize a dream. Furthermore, he has the unusual ability to help others see how they can benefit from being involved in fulfilling these dreams.

Timothy conducts himself with professionalism, integrity, candor and the highest values of Christian conduct. It does not take long for a person to ascertain that this man says what he believes. What you see is what you get with him.
  James Kerr, President
CRU Solutions
Cleveland, Ohio

Comments on Capital Marketing Services as business developer...
The Plain Dealer -August, 2007:

“Hired a business development officer …credit him for helping me to better understand strategic marketing. First year at the company spent understanding the business. About 90 percent of clients are small to medium-size enterprises that have 15 to 50 employees. Made a few changes in that first year and then began creating packages that were attractive to both former customers and new customers… identified solutions in which both information workers and mobile workers were interested …In second year, 2003, sales increased 300 percent. That’s a significant increase in any economic environment, but this increase happened during the dot-com bust, at a time when technology stocks were crashing and the whole technology industry was tanking.”
  Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Ashland University

I have known and worked closely with Tim for the last four years, first as a classmate in the 2006 class of Leadership Medina County, then as a supervisor of his work at my consulting firm, and finally as a collaborator in community planning and grant writing. Tim has proven himself to be extremely competent in multiple areas of business, including finance, business administration, strategic planning, and fund development. I have continued to actively seek out Tim’s participation in joint projects because I perceive him to be one of the most well-rounded, innovative, and reliable professionals in the community who truly cares about where Medina County is headed and has excellent strategies for how to get there.
We have been building these relationships for decades, and each individual we work with has real objectives in the present and desires for the future. Our job is to link you with precisely what you need. The advice we possess in house is already yours. If the answers you need are within our network of advisors, then we will make the proper introductions. We exist to make you wealthy, healthy and a little wiser…
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